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Trackmobile railcar backed by fast, reliable service

Frustrated by the downtime on moving equipment?

In an industry where the constant movement of material is mandatory for smooth operation, time is money. At Briggs Rail we understand the cost of downtime. Besides selling the industry leading Trackmobile railcars, we place special emphasis on prompt, expert service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

To choose from a range of mobile railcar equipment backed by reliable and quick service throughout the Southern United States including Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama, call our experienced team of sales engineers to discuss your needs.

Why Trackmobile railcars are the best choice?

Trackmobile railcars offer a cost-effective solution in material handling across a range of industries. Every trackmobile railcar has a unique bi modal feature. In the wheel transport system, the railcar uses steel wheels in the rail working mode and rubber tires while on the road. This easy switching between the road and rail is achieved via the simple control system. This is especially beneficial as it reduces switching time without the need to operate complicated switches or moving the material on and off track. The trackmobile can be driven from one area to another easily

To learn how you can enjoy zero downtime and better return on your investment with a Trackmobile railcar, call Briggs Rail today.

At Briggs Rail, we are proud to offer Trackmobile railcars, the industry’s leading mobile railcar movers that can handle any application and requirement across a variety of industries. We support our equipment with dedicated service delivered by factory trained mechanics. We use the latest computer dispatching and tracking system to locate and send our mechanics to customer locations, so you can enjoy maximum productivity. We understand the value of keeping your moving equipment operational.
Prompt and expert service
Briggs Rail offers:

  • Efficient Trackmobile railcar service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Speedy response to customer calls
  • Factory trained and authorized service personnel
  • A service area considered one of the largest in America among material handling companies
  • A range of maintenance plans to maximize up time.

If you are looking for used trackmobile equipment for sale, we have a range of financing options available. Our sales engineers will help you decide the right unit at the right plan through an application analysis. For efficient material movement combined with affordable pricing, contact us today.