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Titan Trackmobile – Heavy Duty Railcar forheavy duty applications

Looking for operator equipment and facility safety while moving heavy loads?

Briggs Rail presents the Titan Trackmobile, an innovative and outstanding railcar mover and the largest of Trackmobile’s latest three models. The Titan is built sturdily, ensures maximum operator and facility safety while resulting in maintenance and operational savings.

At Briggs Rail, we are ranked as the largest Trackmobile dealer in the world and the leading distributor of Trackmobile railcars throughout the Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama area.

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Titan Trackmobile – unique features

The heavy duty Titan Trackmobile has the capacity to handle large railcar moving needs. It has a weight of 49,000 lbs and a 260 HP Tier III turbocharged Cummins engine creating tractive effort from 32,350 lbs to 48,500 lbs. Some of its distinctive features are:

  • Minimizes fuel consumption
  • Reduces wear to engine parts
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Automatically applies parking brake and shuts down engine
  • The pivoting mainframe maintains a 4 point rail contact consistently
  • Quick response to uneven tracks to equalize weight among the four wheels
  • Digital instrumentation system with warning and shutdown functions.
  • On board diagnostics
  • Neutral braking
  • Programmed throttle control
  • Air suspension under cab and body frame
  • Command Master digital video display system
  • MAX-TRAC Wheel Slip Control
  • MAX-TRAN Automatic Weight Transfer System

Loaded with features to accommodate almost any material handling application, the Titan Trackmobile railcar mover is used across a wide range of industries for its efficiency and safe operation.
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In case you are bound by a budget, consider the following options:

We fully support our products with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week prompt service through factory trained, experienced technicians. We carry parts inventory worth millions to ensure ready availability of replacement parts so that you enjoy minimum downtime and maximum productivity and return on your investment.
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